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Semi and fully-automatic stretch wrappers from North America's leading manufacturer.


Stretch wrappers from North America's leading manufacturer.

Phoenix Pallet Wrappers

Phoenix is a leading manufacturer and supplier of pallet wrappers in North America. They offer a variety of products that offer high-speed operation and consistent machine strength to best meet the needs of the userGertex is proud to partner with Phoenix to offer our customers a full line of automatic and semi-automatic stretch wrappers.

Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrappers

Low profile turntable systems are specially designed for use with pallet jacks. Turntables are under 3" from the floor height.

High profile turntable systems are designed for use with forklifts. The turntable is raised to allow for easy loading/positioning.

Overhead rotary arms are designed for wrapping heavy or unstable pallet loads. Loads are wrapped while stationary on the floor.

Automatic Stretch Wrappers

Rotary ring stretch wrappers rotate only the carriage that a pallet sits on. Able to start and stop the wrapping cycle anywhere on the load, rotary ring wrappers drastically reduce stretch film costs.

Conveyorized turntable stretch wrappers offer flexible and economical automatic pallet wrapping solutions. These machines are the series of choice in tight-fitting pallet wrapping applications.

Conveyorized rotary arm stretch wrappers eliminate the need to rotate the pallet being wrapped. Heavy or unstable loads are wrapped quickly and efficiently  with this series stretch wrapper.

Non-conveyorized stretch wrappers allow an operator to place a pallet on the machine and pull a cord to initiate the automatic pallet wrapping cycle. This series is available in  rotary arm and low/high profile.