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fatigue, accidents & pain hurt your bottom line 
stop problems before they begin with Safe-Flex Floor Systems

Anti-Fatigue Tiles

Excellent for dry areas such as assembly lines, inspection stations, and machining areas

Anti-Microbial Drainage Tiles

Embedded with Ultra-Fresh® Antimicrobial Technology and excellent for areas requiring drainage of liquids or airflow

Workstation Kits

Choose from three different sizes and several different types to cover the most common work area needs.

Anti-Slip Ergonomic Tiles

Excellent for weld areas and all types of manufacturing environments where lubricants are present

Why Switch from Regular Matting to Ergo Advantage?

Safe-Flex are the Industry's Best Rated Anti-Fatigue Tiles

  • Sub-par matting does little to help their workers with anti-fatigue benefits.
  • They fall apart after a short time on the shop floor and become the exact trip hazard they need to eliminate.
  • As well, they cost more through lost time, lowered productivity, increased turnover and accidents.
  • Sub-par matting has to be replaced more often, requiring valuable investment in time and money.


Safe-Flex floor systems provide the best anti-fatigue industrial flooring available today. They are extremely tough, look great and are made of recycled materials. They have been trusted by the top manufacturing organizations in the world for over 25 years.


Safe-Flex Anti-Fatigue Tiles provide the industries best ergonomic surface for standing workers. Provides excellent ergonomic and anti-fatigue support. Easy to clean and maintain


Made of recycled materials. They have been trusted by the top manufacturing organizations in the world for over 25 years. With conventional anti-fatigue mats being replaced every 12 months, these tiles last a life-time, which ensures they do not end up in a landfill.


Made of recycled materials. They have been trusted by the top manufacturing organizations in the world for over 25 years. With conventional anti-fatigue mats being rep

The Ergo Matting Advantage

Health & Safety


Compression Flex Technology

Effective energy return developed by professionals in ergonomics and engineering.

  • Surface compresses slightly then rebounds to its original position.

  • Helps to prevent pain from standing, fatigue, old injuries, varicose veins, future injury.

Energy Return to Prevent Fatigue

Designed to cause frequent imperceptible muscle contractions (sway) which help with blood flow and lessens fatigue and stress

Patented structure disperses weight evenly throughout the tile

Industries Using Ergonomic Anti-Fatigue Matting

Dry Areas

Specially Formulated for Dry Areas

  • Made for areas where workers are standing for long periods of time and require optimum anti-fatigue support

  • These areas have limited amount of liquids spilled so don't require drainage or heavy duty anti-slip grit

  • No holes mean that particles stay on top of mats to allow for easy removal by sweeping or vacuuming

  • Configures easily around machines or building structures

  • Standard lug connection system allows mixing of tile types

  • ESD tiles provide excellent anti-static protection of workers and equipment

  • Smooth top tiles are designed to allow carts to run smoothly in that area to deliver fragile and/or needed items safely and easily

  • Easy to clean and maintain

Wet Areas

Specially Formulated for Dry Areas

  • Excellent for areas requiring drainage of liquids, or airflow allowing for downdraft (30% drainage/air flow per square foot)

  • Configures easily to work environments

  • Standard lug connection system allows mixing of tile types

  • Provides excellent ergonomic support

  • Easy to clean and maintain

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