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a Pathway to Fully Sustainable Packaging

At Gertex, we support the vision of a sustainable future for the packaging industry. We share the same values as all Canadians and do not want our products ending up in landfills. In the last 10 years, innovations in packaging have evolved the industry into a eco-friendly powerhouse. Our industry has never been more environmentally friendly! We offer a full line of sustainable packaging options for our customers - from paper void fill machines to fully automated shrink wrappers.

Our shared vision is one that respects the planet and understands the greater responsibility we have as a supplier to nearly every facet of the supply chain. We know that by sourcing the right products, sticking to our core values, principals and commitments, and considering sustainability in every decision we make, is essential to the end-goal of creating a circular economy and a better world.

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We partner with suppliers dedicated to innovation and ingenuity. Lowering material density while preserving packaging quality reduces unnecessary waste. 

Sourcing Low
Impact Materials

Seeking low impact recycled packaging materials as we strive towards sustainability is one of the benchmarks of our green program.


By optimizing packaging, we limit the amount of unnecessary packaging materials used on a product. 


We maintain & develop strategic partnerships with company's who have a vision of sustainability in-line with our own.


What's Going On in Your Warehouse?

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Sourcing the right Products

Sustainability is top-of-mind for us when sourcing packaging products. We understand it is vital to evolve with a changing market, not only for our company, but for our planet. It is an old fashioned idea to believe packaging is inherently wasteful; it's not. In fact, most products are already environmentally friendly. If not, there is a low impact alternative for nearly every application. Even something like stretch wrap can be 100% recyclable. Our products are not ending up in land-fills, but joining the circular economy where they are used, and re-used, over and over again. Here at Gertex Solutions, we take pride in having a net positive impact on sustainability.

• Working with vendors who share the same values and commitment to sustainability as we do.
• Identifying alternative products without sacrificing performance or value.

• Placing emphasis on recyclable products to move toward a circular economy.

Working Toward a Circular Economy

The term “circularity” is used to describe an ideal production system in which there is no waste, as every material is kept within the system for future use. It’s all about trying to keep materials in use for as long as possible by recovering and regenerating – with the greatest level of efficiency – every piece at the end of its service life.

Sourcing the Right Products


Void Film Products

Shrink Film Products

Carton Sealing Products

Poly Tape Products

Stretch Wrap Products

A Shared Vision with the Right Partners

The Hidden Environmental Advantages in Packaging Automation

Smart manufacturing has made it possible to leverage technology in ways we’ve never seen before. For example, real-time diagnostics are helpful for minimizing downtime and ensuring the optimal performance of the equipment.

SealedAir Products from Gertex Solutions

Innovating Products while Improving Functionality

Companies like Sealed Air have made commitments to have their packaging solutions be 100% recyclable or re-useable by 2025. Gertex Solutions' pathway to Fully Sustainable Packaging is by finding and aligning ourselves with like-minded partners and vendors with a shared interest in realizing a Circular Economy. As our products are found throughout the supply chain, from beginning to end, we really the importance of having a responsibility towards sustainability. minded partners and vendors with a shared interest in realizing a Circular Economy. As our products are found throughout the supply chain, from beginning to end, we really the importance of having a responsibility towards sustainability. 

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