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Automated Packaging Solution for Dry Ice

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Bringing a Dry Ice Manufacturer's Packaging Up to Speed & Ahead of the Curve.

Delivered meal services have become extremely popular, and this new interest has driven a manufacturer toward an automated solution for packaging dry ice for their increasingly overloaded needs. This company was looking for a side sealing machine that was able to deliver 50 packages per minute, with a recyclable shrink film that could contain dry ice at over -100°C. Additionally, this packaging system needed to accomplish specific containment requirements for the product; being able to withstand severe strength tests and with printed private branding.







Prior to our  consultation, they were packaging their dry ice with a manual impulse sealer.


A Free Expert Consultation from a Packaging Professional.

One of our packaging experts visited the clients facility on-site to investigate their current process for packaging dry ice. We discovered that their current system was completely manual, and took 6 people on the packaging line, to fully assemble. They needed an automated solution for bagging dry ice.

The previous packaging was done with a non-recyclable film and sealed shut with a manual impulse sealer. This manual operation resulted in enormous workflow bottlenecks, and hurt their bottom lines as demand increased for dry ice. Additionally, manual processes for packaging large volumes of product results in inconsistent packaged goods. At most, the rate of production was 10 packages per minute. 


Automating a Completely Manual Dry Ice Packaging Operation.

Our packaging specialist determined that the SMIPACK HS500 SERVO would be the perfect fit for this operation. This machine is a quiet, servo driven work horse. It requires no air to operate making it ideal in cold environments.  Although the brand is relatively new to North America, it is very advanced and fully electric. Because of it's use of servos, there is far less components resulting in in far fewer breakdowns. This means that the down-time is much lower than older side sealing machines, and therefore, their output substantially higher. Additionally, SMIPACK HS500 is much more cost-efficient than typical side sealer machines on the market. A mid-range, high speed side-sealer, this machine is perfect for automating your packaging. It can output up to 100 packages per minute, has no compressed air requirements, and has size configurations that allow for dry ice blocks: big or small. As we specialize in Packaging Equipment installation and maintenance, we also suggested options from our Machine Maintenance Programs and our Flexible Equipment Purchase Solutions.

For this application we chose a poly shrink wrap film. The material was treated for outer printing without compromising the integrity of the packaging. Our packaging expert designed a system for the film, where it manufactured so that it would not tear under normal wear, tear or duress under freezing temperatures. This material also reduces overall packaging costs, saves time, and is 100% recyclable!


Modularity and excellent price/quality ratios are the main features characterizing the SMIPACK HS series automatic sealers. All the models of this range can be supplied with or without a shrink tunnel. All equipment is fully electric, without the need for compressed air. 

The HS series with continuous sealing can be supplied with intermittent or box motion seal systems. Both systems are capable of sealing Polyolefin, Polyethylene, and Polypropylene film. Speeds range from 3500 packs/per hour to 9000 packs/per hour with customized solutions.




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Turning Packaging into Profit with a high performance side sealing shrink machine.

The people working in the manufacturing facility are thrilled with HS500 SERVO Side Sealer. They find the ease of system operations extremely helpful and the fact that it is so quiet for a side sealer. The customer has increased production, repositioned labour into more profit facing areas and reduced their costs. Based on the customer's calculation, the machine will be for itself in cost savings in less than 6 months. They are now able to provide safe, consistent and secure packaging in larger volumes for customers across the food industry.

600% Increase in Packages per min.
(10 ppm vs. 60 ppm)

Change-over to 100% Recyclable Film

Fully Automated Packaging Operation

70% Cost Savings over pre-made bags

Was Able to Reposition 90% of the Manual Labour

Increased Throughput – Since the introduction of the new system, the customer has increased throughput of the wrapped packaging process by 600%. They went from 10 packages per minute, to 60 packages per minute.

Recyclability – The new Shrink Wrap film we brought over to the dry ice manufacture was completely recyclable. This added substantially to the customer experience for this manufacturer as sustainability is a big concern of theirs as well as their customers.

Automated Packaging Operations – We full automated the packaging process. We are now discussing with the customer further changes that can be accomplished to fully automate the process prior to and after the wrapper.

70% Cost Savings & 90% Labour Re-positioned – By re-positioning labour and switching to a better shrink wrap alternative (that was also more environmentally friendly) we were able to capture over 70% in cost savings for the client.


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