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How We Helped an eCommerce Clothing Retailer Increase Fulfillment Velocity & Automate Packaging Workflows

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We were approached by a fashion retailer that was expanding their eCommerce reach and looking to upgrade their packaging equipment. The client was looking to resolve workflow inefficiencies that were slowing down fulfilment and hurting their bottom line. The customer was sending out over 500,000 mailers (in three different sizes) a year and sending 2,000 on an average day. The packout area was comprised of 15 employees during peak hours. Within these pack stations, employees were packing by hand - including adhering printed labels and logos to the mailers.


Increase Speed

Reduce Damages

Save Costs

Reposition Labour


The challenge for Gertex Solutions was to deliver an automated packaging system to the client that could both improve the workflow of their end of line packaging processes, as well as rapidly realize a return on investment from the machine for the company.


We were brought on site to audit the current packaging workflows and processes of the client. After inspection, Gertex Solutions followed up with a a questionnaire to the client that focused on three basic areas of their current fulfillment process:

1. Volumes, Sizes, Costs

2. Packing Stations, Employees, Peak & Non-Peak Hours

3. Specifications Needed in New System

From the on-site audit and the detailed questionnaire, our packaging consultant was able to visualize what the client's needs were and how we could best improve their workflows. Furthermore, the data within the questionnaire allowed for Gertex Solutions to help visualize how much savings in (cost, time, labour, etc.) could be saved for the client. It allowed Gertex to provide a real-time expectation of how quickly the solution could pay for itself.


After various types of ROI testing, it was clear that the Sealed Air FloWrap Automated Mailer System was exactly what the client needed. This horizontal systems inducts product at a speed of up to 25ppm using a continuous motion seal jaw, applies a shipping label all while tracking and verify each order going out the door accurately. This is 4 to 5 times faster than your conventional vertical bagger or 20-25 times faster than manual packout and can right size the length of each pack on the fly without setting changes. The labour savings would allow the client to reallocate resources to other parts of the business to continue pushing orders out the door faster, accurately, and waste free.

When focusing on your cost to serve more than 80% consist of freight and labor. With labor shortages at an all-time high and eCommerce demands pushing us past our capabilities how can we adapt to these challenges. As a Sealed Air valued partner you have access to our knowledge and resources that tackle the most complex challenges in the fulfillment space. With our core focus being on reducing damage, optimizing the cube of a pack, increasing fulfillment velocity, and most importantly enhancing the customer experience we know we can help take your operations to the next level of fulfillment excellence.

SealedAir FloWrap

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Why Choose the FloWrap Sealed Air Automated Bagging System

  • Fast – system capable of running over 30 packs per minute, depending on product size

  • Reduced Pack Size – packs are dynamically sized to the product, reducing material usage

  • Increased Throughput – ship more products with fewer resources

  • Easy to Implement – horizontal infeed seamlessly integrates into existing packaging lines
  • Operator Friendly – simply place items on infeed belt; fewer movements for operators leads to less fatigue

  • Durable – robust industrial design maximizes uptime

  • Print Verification – barcode is scanned and communicated to the customer’s WMS, finding the order and sending the label information to the printer applicator. The printer then applies the shipping label to the flat web of material over the corresponding product.

  • DIM Weight Control – ensures efficient packaging every time, allowing customers to maximize warehouse space and keep transportation costs to a minimum
  • Typical Applications

    Ecommerce and Fulfillment Short-Run
    Soft Goods
    Durable Home Goods
    Consumer Electronics
    Veterinary Supplies
    Pet Supplies
    Replacement Parts


    The FloWrap horizontal bagging system was the perfect solution to our client's packaging needs. Gertex was able to deliver an amazing improvement in the workflow efficiencies of the retailer. The packs per minute increased by over 600% with the overall daily capacity ballooning 1553%. Additionally, the all-in cost per pack was reduced dramatically (87%), which allowed for the FloWrap Packaging System to pay for itself within two years. 


    Flow Wrap

    Non Flow-Wrap


    PPM per Operator




    Daily Capacity




    Daily Utilization




    Cost per Pack




    650% Increase in PPM Speed

    Daily Output Capacity Increase by 1553%

    Investment Payback (24 months)

    Repositioned over 200 Hours of Labour a Week 


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