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The Best All-Around Turntable Pallet Wrappers

In the world of logistics and shipping, the safe transportation of goods is paramount. To ensure products reach their destinations intact, having superior containment plays a vital role. Pallet wrappers, also known as stretch wrappers, can help you tightly wrap loaded skids or pallets with stretch film, providing stability, protection, and efficiency. Correctly wrapping your skids can better protect your product from damage during the shipping process with reduced labour and material costs of operation.

In this article, we'll discuss our Workhorse pallet wrappers: High Performance turntable pallet wrappers, designed to do just about everything well. 

How to Choose a Pallet Wrapper

If you are evaluating turntable pallet wrappers, you've reached a point where wrapping pallets by hand no longer seems economical. In our experience, as a company grows and begins wrapping more than 20 pallets a day, there is simply a greater ROI in switching to machine wrapping. Click here to know more about how much you can save by using pallet wrappers. With rising labour and material costs, this threshold is getting smaller.

The best starting point in evaluating  turntable pallet wrappers is to consider the following questions.

  1. 1
     How many loads per day are you wrapping?
  2. 2
     What is your budget?
  3. 3
    Are you wrapping Type A, B, or C skids?
  4. 4
    Will you need additional features like extended base or tower, integrated scale or cold-weather package?
  5. 5
    Will the machine require a Pre-stretch carriage, or AC/DC motor?

Staying up-to-date with the latest packaging technologies and machine options is a challenging task for any business owner. However, you don't have to navigate this complex landscape alone. At Gertex Solutions, our team of experienced packaging experts is here to assist you every step of the way.

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What is the Best All-Around Turntable Pallet Wrapper?

In the market today, you'll find a wide range of pallet wrappers from various manufacturers, each offering different specifications and features. To help you better understand the distinctions among the best all-around turntable pallet wrappers, we've categorized our favourite turntable models based on their most important features such as pricing, duty, skids per hour and turntable speed. These systems are our "Workhorse Pallet Wrappers" All demonstrating great all-around performance, reasonable cost, and will do just about all your packaging needs effectively. 



$11,500 MSRP

A great machine for making the jump from hand wrapping



$12,500 MSRP

A higher powered alternative to a entry level pallet wrapper



$9895 MSRP

A great value all-around turntable pallet wrapper



$12,000 MSRP

A great machine for making the jump from hand wrapping


The Handle It® Model 850PS turntable pallet wrapper offers top-of-the-line functions and features at a great price. It is ideal for those who are looking for an efficient shrink wrap turntable wrapping machine capable of handling high volumes of pallets per day.

Standard features on the 850PS include 250% powered pre-stretch, 86” max wrap height, user-friendly control panel, electronic film tension, and many other elements cleverly designed to make this semi-automatic stretch wrapper a must-have in any facility looking to improve and streamline their packaging operations.

Cost: $11,500

Duty: Medium Duty
Motor: AC
Delivery: Pre-stretch carriage

Weight: ~4400 lbs

Dimensions: 93″L x 59″W x 88″H

Turntable RPM: 14 RPM

Loads: 10-40 per hour


Wulftec SML-150 model is a competitively-priced series of semi automatic low and high profile turntable stretch wrapping systems. This machine is made of heavy-duty steel for rugged performance, even in the harshest work environments. It can wrap 55 loads per hour, up to 4000lbs. Wulftec has a one of the best warranties in the industry including 5-year unlimited cycle warranty, lifetime warranty on pre-stretch rollers, and 10-years on the steel structure.

Cost: $12,500

Duty: Medium-Heavy Duty
Motor: AC
Delivery: Pre-stretch carriage

Weight: ~4000 lbs

Dimensions: 118″L x 59″W x 86.5″H

Turntable RPM: 16 RPM

Loads: 10-60 per hour


Fox FPS 300 Pallet Wrapper features efficient and consistent film stretching along with effortless movement and maximum stability. This machine can wrap pallets up to 5000lbs with a max diagonal of 80".  It is equipped with HURRICANE THREAD© 20″ to prestretch film delivery system with easy thread film carriage, electronic film force control on the panel, linear analog proximity sensor film feed speed control and triple beam auto height eye. 

Cost: $9,895

Duty: Medium Duty
Motor: AC
Delivery: Hurricane Pre-stretch carriage

Weight: ~5000lbs

Dimensions: 55″L x 55″ W x 91″ H

Turntable RPM: 10 RPM

Loads: 10-25 per hour


The Eagle 2000 series stretch wrappers feature a powered film carriage unit to maximize film efficiency. First a photoelectric sensor automatically recognizes the load height. Then the carriage travel will automatically adjust to create an effective wrap cycle. Additionally the turntable offers a soft start/soft stop feature for gentle handling. There upon completion of a job cycle, the turntable resets itself automatically. Therefore this allows for proper orientation of the load for pallet jack or forklift insertion. Even more available features offer increased production and a cost per load savings.

Cost: $12,000

Duty: Medium Duty
Motor: AC
Delivery: Hurricane Pre-stretch carriage

Weight: ~5000lbs

Dimensions:96.5″L x 59″ W x 99″H

Turntable RPM: 10 RPM

Loads: 20-30 per hour

If you are making the jump from hand wrapping to pallet wrappers, all of these machines should fulfill more than enough requirements. Keep in mind, the best machine to buy ultimately depends on your specific needs and priorities, such as budget, duty requirements, desired turntable RPM, lead time, and warranty considerations. 


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10 Reasons to Replace Hand Wrap with a Stretch Wrapper

1. Consistent and uniform application

Wrapping by hand results in inconsistent wrap deployment and inferior containment performance. Pallet wrapping with a stretch wrap machine eliminates this issue. Applying machine wrap by machine allows for consistent skid wrapping.

2. Professional Package

To wrap skids in a uniform pattern, a stretch wrapping machine must be used. This allows for the package / skid to have the same clean, professional look, every time. 

3. Training

If you are wrapping skids by hand, an employee must be taught on the right ways and right ways you'd like them to construct the pallet. This means, whenever a new employee is hired they must be instructed on how to stretch wrap a product or skid. Machine wrapping alleviates the need for training, as a warehouse employee only needs to be taught how to use the correct settings on a pallet wrapping machine. 

4. Employee Safety

When auditing a warehouse or distribution center for inefficiencies, a health and safety provider will immediately notice the labour intensive job of deploying hand wrap. It's an extremely intensive job, as a worker constantly has to bend to get to the lower parts of the pallet or skid. This routinely results in increased exertion for the worker and back injuries are commonplace. Additionally, the worker must struggle to pull enough tension on the film, while hunched over, to effectively wrap the pallet for correct containment. Further, the worker must lift the hand wrap over their head to get the top most parts of the pallets. Machine wrapping alleviates the employer from many accident and work related injuries.  

5. Load Integrity

Hand wrapping frequently results in inferior load integrity and containment. We all have good days and bad days, and eventually, due to fatigue and waning concentration, the worker will not be able to consistently maintain load integrity standards for the skid or pallet. This results in catastrophic failure during transport, and can end up damaging a company's bottom-line.

6. Damage Control

By wrapping a pallet the same way every time, it prevents pallets in transport experience catastrophic failure, damage to the skid, and product damage. Machine wrapping allows for set standards for wrapping pallets to be maintained and easily controlled. 

7. Customer Satisfaction

Pallet wrapping your product is the LAST operation you perform and the FIRST operation your customer sees of your capabilities as a supplier. Your customer's perception of your competence as a supplier starts the minute your pallet of product arrives at his dock. Inconsistently hand wrapped pallets can give the perception of a low-end manufacturer. Lowering your standards of production during this last operation can be costly. Pallet wrapping with a stretch wrap machine eliminates this issue.

8. Film Savings

Although the key to stretch wrapping is to make sure that we get the product to the customer intact, we all want to do it for the least amount of cost. With the machine set to wrap the loads with the least amount of stretch film required to hold the load together, you eliminate unnecessary extra revolutions of film being applied by well meaning operators. 

9. Damaged Hand Wrap Rolls

An expensive hidden cost of hand wrapping is the cost of all the rolls of stretch film that are thrown away because they have been nicked or damaged when thrown to the ground or left lying around. This cost can sometimes be as much as 15-20% of your hand wrap costs. 

10. Quality Control

By definition, hand wrapping a pallet manually prevents you from obtaining any type of repeatability. Multiple operators, time of day, fatigue and many other variables prevents any type of QC standards. Pallet wrapping with a stretch wrap machine allows you to either eliminate, or preset these variables. This ensures repeatability, allowing loads to be wrapped to a set quality standard. 

How much can you save by using pallet wrappers? 

This table shows the approximate labour cost savings per year when using our stretch wrap machine versus hand wrapping your pallets. In short, if you are regularly wrapping around 50 pallets per day, you can expect the machine's cost to be covered within a year.

Pallets Wrapped Per Day

Labor Cost Savings Per Year VS. Hand Wrapping











* Based on 4 mins to hand wrap versus 2 mins to attach film and cycle the machine at $15/hr. Wage rate

Film Cost Savings by using powered pre-stretch carriages 

Power pre-stretch technology maximizes the usable length of your film. Special power rollers stretch out the film before wrapping it to the load. This can reduce your film costs by 60% of more! The table below illustrates the value of power pre-stretch carriage technology, showing how much you can save on film cost by incorporating powered pre-stretch carriages.

Film roll Length & Avg Cost

Pallets Wrapped Per Day

Film Savings Per Year

5000' @ $98 per roll



5000' @ $98 per roll



5000' @ $98 per roll



5000' @ $98 per roll



*Based on approximately 105’ film used without pre-stretch and 30’ used with power pre-stretch carriage at a cost of $98.00 per 5000’ roll of film wrapping a typical 40x48x60 load.

4 Things to Consider While Evaluating Pallet Wrappers


It's essential to balance between your budget and the quality and features required for your specific needs. Remember to factor in long-term cost savings potential, such as reduced labor expenses and material wastage, when assessing the overall value.


Evaluate the performance capabilities of the pallet wrapper. This includes the speed at which it can wrap pallets, the maximum load weight it can handle, and the types of pallets it can accommodate. 


Assess the lead times offered by the manufacturer or supplier. If you have urgent packaging requirements or time-sensitive projects, shorter lead times may be crucial for your operations. Inquire about stock availability and production capabilities to ensure timely delivery and minimize any potential disruptions to your workflow.


Consider the availability and quality of servicing and technical support provided by the manufacturer or supplier. Gertex offers a Preventative Maintenance program to ensure you stay ahead of issues, so that operations run smoothly and minimize downtime. Ensure that the company offers responsive customer support, spare parts availability, and servicing options.