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Stock & Release Program

Inventory your packaging with our Stock & Release Program

Gertex Solutions can stock, store and release, daily, weekly or seasonally, to manufacturing and distribution centers across North America.

Our supply chain solutions enable us to improve the flow of materials into your production facility. We help you optimize stocking levels, avoid delays and free staff from spending valuable resources managing a multitude of parts with our vendor managed inventory.

The Lead Time Problem

What used to take 1 week now takes 3-4 weeks and there a few reasons why:

COVID-19 – Due to covid, a lot of paper mills, corrugators and packaging manufacturers have had to scale down production. They cannot have as many people working in their plants and they have even closed a shift or two.

Supply and Demand – Although business is not what it was prior to Covid, there is a great deal of demand for boxes / poly bags & sheets / paper / plastic products due to the increase in e-commerce packaging which leads to the next explanation.

Amazon – Amazon accounts for approximately 8% of all corrugated use in North America. That is an astounding percentage if you consider all of the packaging products used for food, beer, alcohol, clothing, etc.

How a Stock & Release Program Can Help

Peace of Mind – With your custom products in our warehouse, you can get whatever amount you need within 24 hours.

Save Your Space  Boxes take up a lot of space, let them sit on our floor instead of yours. This is allows you to keep space for the products that make you money.

Improve Cash Flow – Instead of paying for all the boxes at once, you can pay based on when you receive a shipment.

Optimize Stocking Levels – Avoid delays and free staff from spending valuable resources managing a multitude of parts with our VMI.

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