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Shrink Wrap Packaging for Breweries

According to new LCBO legislation, there are very specific guidelines for how a beer tray must be wrapped. The shrink film used must be recyclable, of a certain thickness (2.5mm), and be wrapped in accordance to their specifications. LCBO Product Packaging Standards and Chemical Guidelines can be found here.

Legislation like this is problematic; especially for micro-breweries with less resources, as the process and install of certain shrink packaging equipment is very nuanced. Here at Gertex Solutions, with over 30 years experience in the industry, we are shrink packaging experts! We create Packaging Solutions Built for You so let our experts assess your needs, create a strategy, and find a packaging system that's right for you, today! Read on to find out more about our beer and beverage packaging solutions.

Beer Can Tops

What may seem mundane to you—optimal plastic film thickness, perfect seal knife temperature, exact conveyor speed—is exactly what we pride ourselves in doing well. We ensure that your packaging meets all regulation requirements from your province, while maximizing effectiveness and minimizing costs.

Gertex can and will ensure that your package meets all the above requirements, while maximizing efficiency and minimizing cost. We have the capabilities for breweries both large and small (1000s of cans of day, or small-run craft brewers).

Consumables for the Brewing Industry

We offer many different consumable options to the beer and beverage industry.  Different applications require different solutions and this is why we distribute a versatile range of brands. This ensures that we have solutions to even the most complex applications. 

Additionally, we are one of Canada's leading distributors of CRYOVAC® shrink film. 

• Cryovac® Shrink Film

• Polyethylene Shrink Film

• Corrugated Trays and Boxes

• Printed Labels

• Bubble Pouches

• Void Fill

• Bubble Sleeves

• Stretch Wrap

• Corner Boards / Edgeboards
• Strapping & Strapping Machines

Beer Shrink Wrapper

Packaging Equipment for the Beer and Beverage Industry

BP800 Smipack Bundle Wrapper

Semi-Automatic Bundle Wrappers

Monoblock semi-automatic shrink wrappers with a sealing bar are extremely versatile: they can pack and bundle various products, such as glass, cans, boxes, trays, jars, cartons of different sizes in a wide range of pack collations.

Our Shrink Wrap Bundlers can wrap custom branded shrink around your products. This allows you to secure your product in any size grouping, while using an eye-catching wrap to promote your brand. Using wrap is cheaper.

XP650ASX Smipack Bundle Wrapper

Automatic Bundle Wrappers

The new series of monoblock automatic overlap shrink wrappers are extremely versatile: they can pack and bundle various products, such as glass, cans, boxes, trays, jars, cartons of different sizes in a wide range of pack collations. They come with an infeed and are our fastest models.

We Have Flexible Equipment Programs to Fit Your Needs

New Equipment

Used Equipment

Rentals & Leases

Maintenance & Repair Programs

Buy-Back Programs

Bundle Wrapping Beer Cans from Brewery

The Switch To Automation

Smart manufacturing has made it possible to leverage technology in ways we’ve never seen before. This is doubly true for the beer and beverage packaging industry. For example, real-time diagnostics are helpful for minimizing downtime and ensuring the optimal performance of the equipment.

It is also critical that safety features are built into your system. Not only do you need to protect the safety of employees to reduce the risk of injury in the workplace. But it’s also important to minimize potential damage to the products due to equipment malfunction.

Finally, consider the ease of integration in your workplace. While employees need to be trained on proper use and application, there is no need to bring in a complicated system that causes confusion among employees.

Top-notch technology is designed to adjust to your evolving business requirements, giving you the tools to maintain your competitive edge without the need to invest in new systems over and over again. Bring in the right equipment in the first place, which will give you the ongoing ability to streamline and adjust in-house processes as needed.

Bundle Wrapping Beer Cans from Brewery 2

How We Can Help With Your Business Performance Goals

Improve Efficiencies

We are experts in packaging automation and optimization. We're partnered with the best suppliers and equipment manufacturers in North America so we can offer customers innovative technology that greatly increases packaging throughput and efficiency. Maintain the highest level of packaging strength and quality of protection while improving the efficiency of your operations.

Reduce Costs

Improving the efficiency of your operation lends itself to a reduction in cost-per-package. Automated packaging systems are much faster than manual packaging, and often a single operator can oversee multiple automatic machines at once - helping you reduce labour costs. High-tech sensors and software measure the exact amount of material required for each package, helping to reduce material waste and cost.

Increase Throughput

A boxer knows that speed wins fights, and it's no different in business. We know slow speeds in any form of your business can hurt your bottom line, and it's hard enough already to maintain a competitive advantage. That's why Speed is one of the four cornerstones of Gertex Solutions. We believe there's value in everybody's warehouse, and we give you the right tools to find it.

Delight Your Customers

Packaging is now part of the user experience and we can help you leverage this to delight your customers. Make your shipments stand out from the crowd. Gertex Solutions helps your brand stay visible, from our hands into your customers. 

Reposition Labour

By automating packaging processes, we help your company to free up capital that can be used towards profit focused areas of work. We do not believe in reducing labour, but rather refocusing it to core areas of your business. Additionally, automating and simplifying processes helps to maintain consistency and streamline operations in your warehouse or distribution center.

Drive Sustainability

Thinking about the future our industry is important to us. The majority of our packaging material offerings are made from fully-recyclable material. Advanced pieces of equipment reduce the amount of material required for a secure package or pallet load. Innovative packaging materials can offer more secure loads with the same or even less amounts of material.


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