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Gertex Solutions has a long history of working with farmers and growers going back to the roots of the company and its people. Some of the products we distribute specifically for growers are:

Carton Closing Equipment Carton closing equipment made with the growers in mind. Mechanical moving parts and reliable equipment made to stand the test of time and every day use in tough environments. Wineries, greenhouses and even cold storage.

We know our customers needs when it comes to tape, by carrying the best brands, it allows us support the growers with a wide selection of tape products. We have an assortment of products that are great for boxes like our Live plant boxes and other light packages. Especially when a grower needs to load a box with heavy products like fruits and vegetables.

Produce Bags
Custom produce bags for use on self-serve produce applications at supermarkets, grocery stores, or other locations. Our custom printed produce bags can be manufactured in a variety of sizes and gauges.

Agricultural Films
Agricultural Films are a necessity for todays growers. Greenhouse film, poly tunnels, hoop houses and ground cover. We not only have access to what you need but offer a recycling program for this product to keep it out of the landfill and save you money. 

Shrink Film & Shrink Wrap Equipment / Machines
As a leading Canadian supplier of shrink packaging equipment and packaging supplies. Our packaging solutions include shrink wrapping systems, pallet wrappers, case sealers, bag sealers, labeling systems, industrial printers, shrink tunnels, bundle wrappers, form/fill and seal and more. We are equipped to provide packaging solutions to meet every customer’s needs.

Reduce Damage

Protective packaging is one of the cornerstones of Gertex Solutions. We understand product should arrive at it's end destination in the exact condition it set off in. By partnering with the right suppliers, and accumulating problem solving experience - through 30 years in the industry - we know how to get the job done right. We do it right the first time.

Drive Sustainability

Thinking about the future our industry is important to us. The majority of our packaging material offerings are made from fully-recyclable material. Advanced pieces of equipment reduce the amount of material required for a secure package or pallet load. Innovative packaging materials can offer more secure loads with the same or even less amounts of material.

Improve Efficiencies

We are experts in packaging automation and optimization. We're partnered with the best suppliers and equipment manufacturers in North America so we can offer customers innovative technology that greatly increases packaging throughput and efficiency. Maintain the highest level of packaging strength and quality of protection while improving the efficiency of your operations.

Reduce Costs

Improving the efficiency of your operation lends itself to a reduction in cost-per-package. Automated packaging systems are much faster than manual packaging, and often a single operator can oversee multiple automatic machines at once - helping you reduce labour costs. High-tech sensors and software measure the exact amount of material required for each package, helping to reduce material waste and cost.

Packaging Products We Supply to Growers

Packaging Materials for Growers & Farms

If you would like to identify the most effective ways to reduce the cost of packaging for your specific operation, then our team is here to offer personalized recommendations. Contact us at Gertex Solutions to learn about the various types of packaging materials that are offered. We can also help with in-house packing automation if it makes sense for your business.

Custom corrugate as well as live plant boxes for your growing operation

Stretch Wrap built for live plants

Hot melted tape products


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