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Businesses that package and ship pharmaceutical products need reliable packaging partners who can offer the highest quality equipment and materials on the market. In addition to regular business considerations like efficiency and cost-effectiveness, the strength and quality of the packaging is of the utmost importance to the pharmaceutical industry. When the products you're shipping save lives, you need to be sure they'll reach their destination.

At Gertex, we're committed to the success of you and your business. We have nearly 30 years of experience helping customers in the pharmaceutical space address challenges related to packaging and fulfillment of pharmaceutical products. We offer tailor-made solutions that lower your operation's cost-per-shipment, reduce your on-site warehousing space requirements, and improve the overall efficiency of your workflows.

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With our comprehensive stocking and just-in-time delivery programs, you'll never run out of materials when you need them most.


& Equipment

We partner with industry leaders like Wulftec, BestPack, and SealedAir to bring our customers state-of-the-art technologies.



Our team will audit your existing workflow, identify inefficiencies, and develop solutions to improve your operation.



Using RFID technology, we offer Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) services to remotely monitor and maintain your stock levels.


Customer Service

We're proud to offer the strength and expertise of a large organization, with the personal touch of a family business.

How We Help

Our team has nearly three decades of experience assisting clients in the pharmaceutical industry. We bring our collective knowledge, resources, and expertise to bear on each and every project we engage in. We offer a full-line of secondary packaging solutions for pharmaceutical packaging operations, and will conduct an initial audit of your existing workflows before we make any recommendations for improvement.

Improve Efficiencies

We are experts in packaging automation and optimization. We're partnered with the best suppliers and equipment manufacturers in North America so we can offer customers innovative technology that greatly increases packaging throughput and efficiency. Maintain the highest level of packaging strength and quality of protection while improving the efficiency of your operations.

Reduce Costs

Improving the efficiency of your operation lends itself to a reduction in cost-per-package. Automated packaging systems are much faster than manual packaging, and often a single operator can oversee multiple automatic machines at once - helping you reduce labour costs. High-tech sensors and software measure the exact amount of material required for each package, helping to reduce material waste and cost.

Innovate and Sustain

Thinking about the future our industry is important to us. The majority of our packaging material offerings are made from fully-recyclable material. Advanced pieces of equipment reduce the amount of material required for a secure package or pallet load. Innovative packaging materials can offer more secure loads with the same or even less amounts of material.

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