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Shrink Wrapper Services

Gertex Solutions offers servicing and maintenance solutions for Shrink Wrap Packaging Equipment and Machines to ensure you stay ahead of the curve with skilled technicians and dedicated resources. From installation and training to maintenance and replacing shrink wrapper parts, we are there when you need us. With over 30 years of experience, our technicians will keep your end to end production lines up to speed and up and running.

Shrink Wrap Packaging Solutions

Your source for the best Shrink Wrap Packaging Equipment

Gertex Solutions is a leading Canadian supplier of shrink packaging equipment and packaging supplies. We have a large inventory of new and refurbished shrink wrap machines and shrink wrap tunnels. We are a fully integrated supplier of shrink wrap equipment, with access to the best brands, maintenance and repair programs, equipment buy backs and equipment leasing services. Based in Toronto, we've been supplying Canada's industries with the best shrink wrap packaging materials and equipment for over 30 years. 

Large Inventory of the best Shrink Wrap Machine Brands

We are one of the largest North American distributors of shrink wrap machines and shrink wrap equipment. We have access to the best global brands in shrink wrap machinery equipment. Gertex Solutions services the Ontario craft brewery, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and consumer goods shrink wrap markets.


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Hood Sealers, Manual & Automatic L Bar Sealers, Side Sealers, Shrink Wrap Bundlers and Shrink Tunnels

Shanklin T-6H,  Shanklin T-7H,  Shanklin  T71,  Shanklin T71-XL,  Shanklin T62, Shanklin T72,  Heat Seal T2622,  Heat Seal T3422,  Heat Seal T4822,  SMI T452H, SMI T652H,  SMI T852H and more.

High Performance Shrink Tunnels

Shrink Tunnels apply heat to the film so it shrinks perfectly around the product. They come in two different conveyor configurations: Roller or Belted. Both conveyors can be used with polyolefin, PVC sleeves, and polyethylene films.

Equipped with adjustable temperature controllers and conveyor speed controllers, you determine the amount of heat and time applied to create a perfectly sealed package.


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