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VarioMaster 9440

VM9440 Resized

Product Description

High performance side seal strapping machine for boxes or pallet loads. Can be integrated into conveyor line. Strapping head is side mounted on the arch and movable. During the strapping cycle, the strapping head indexes towards the load before tensioning sequence, so tensioning and sealing are done right against the side of the load. The bottom section of the strapping arch can be a standard undertrack style, or an electric motor driven pallet bayonet for “through-pallet” strapping, or a combination of both.


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Key Specs

  • Production Rate: 100 loads per hour
  • 205 " L x 35 " W x 85 " H
  • Maximum Load Size: Portal size to allow max load size of 60" wide x 80" high
  • Load Weight: Maximum load weight limited to conveyor capacity
  • Approximate Shipping Weight: 1100 lbs
  • Electrical Requirements: 460 V / 3 ph / 60 Hz 15 A