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Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Sustainability begins with the right attitude.

At Gertex, we support the vision of a sustainable future for the packaging industry. We offer a full line of sustainable packaging options for our customers - from paper void fill machines to gummed paper tape dispensers, we have a sustainable packaging option that fits the needs of your operation.

Contact us today for a free sustainability audit, and to find out how your packaging and fulfillment workflows can be made more sustainable.

Sourcing the right products

Together with our partners we strive for sustainable solutions and superior products.  We believe that sustainability is the end-product of innovation.

Working with vendors who share the same values and commitment to sustainability as we do. 

Identifying alternative products without sacrificing performance or value.

Placing emphasis on recyclable products in order to move toward a circular economy.

What is the Circular Economy?

The term “circularity” is used to describe an ideal production system in which there is no waste, as every material is kept within the system for future use. It’s all about trying to keep materials in use for as long as possible by recovering and regenerating – with the greatest level of efficiency – every piece at the end of its service life.

Design / Manufacture 


Consumer / Household

Re-Use / Repair


paper packaging systems


We partner with suppliers dedicated to innovation and ingenuity. Lowering material density while preserving packaging quality reduces unnecessary waste. 

Sourcing Low
Impact Materials

Seeking low impact recycled packaging materials as we strive towards sustainability is one of the benchmarks of our green program.


By optimizing packaging, we limit the amount of unnecessary packaging materials used on a product. 


We maintain & develop strategic partnerships with company's who have a vision of sustainability in-line with our own.

Is your packaging in-line with your Sustainability Goals?

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