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When you partner with Gertex for a free workflow consultation, you gain access to more than 100 years of combined experience in the packaging industry. Contact us for a Free Packaging Consultation.

Gertex offers full-service workflow consulting services. To provide you with customized solutions that directly address your needs we'll meet with your team, familiarize ourselves with your industry, and learn the ins and outs of your business processes before making recommendations for improvement.

Using our simple but effective three-step process, we develop solutions that save you money by eliminating pain points and inefficiencies in your workflow. We utilize our supplier relationships to bring you cutting-edge products and solutions that are aligned to your industry and address your business specific challenges.




First, we conduct research into your business processes and supply chain. By analyzing the structure of your packaging workflow, we are able to begin building a program tailored to your organization. We look at efficiency growers such as, automation, stock & release and product sourcing, to discover unseen value in your warehouse.

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Areas of Improvement We Look for in Assessment

Reducing Supply Costs  We review your pricing and products to ensure your commodities are delivering the best performance, quality and value.

Increased Packaging Efficiency – We look for areas in which we can create efficient and linear packaging systems.

Reducing Waste  By optimizing your packaging products and processes, we routinely cut down on excess packaging waste by 30%.

Increasing Productivity – We look to create packaging systems that are faster and more accurate then current processes.

Our team has consulted on hundreds of varying packaging projects ranging from sustainable packaging solutions, to solving packaging automation, and from these projects we have become efficient at quickly assessing the needs of a company and suggesting effective strategies to directly improve the bottom-line.


Next, we engage your team to learn where opportunities for improvement exist. We begin running different ROI tests to help you visualize improvements to your bottom line. ROI performance testing will reveal unseen value hidden in your distribution center(s) or manufacturing plant(s). 

ROI Performance Testing


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Cut & Weigh Testing






Finally, we recommend processes and technologies to improve your workflow. For instance, we can help maintain your automated equipment with our equipment maintenance and repair programs.



Maintenance & Repair

Vendor Managed Inventory & More

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