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If you want to boost consistency, productivity, and cost savings in your current packaging process, consider automation with BestPack Packaging

BestPack Case Sealers

Bring your packaging in-house with one or more of our tape sealing equipment solutions. With Manual, Semi-Automatic and Full Automatic case sealing options available, we have custom built packaging solutions built for you.

adjustable manual case sealers

Adjustable Manual
Adjustable Manual sealers require an operator to both manually fold flaps closed and adjust the tape head to seal boxes of different sizes.

Automatic BestPack Case Sealers

Adjustable Automatic
Adjustable Automatic sealers do not require an operator to manually fold flaps closed, but still require manual adjustment of the tape heads.

random manual case sealers

Random Manual
Random Manual sealers are capable of adjusting their tape head height automatically, but require an operator to manually fold flaps closed.

random manual case sealers

Adjustable Manual
Random Automatic sealers are fully automatic solutions, able to fold box flaps closed and adjust tape head height without operator involvement.

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Gertex Solutions Logo

Packaging Solutions for Every Need

As an ambassador of BestPack products, Gertex Solutions offers our customers a full line of advanced case sealing equipment and solutions. Everything from adjustable manual case sealers, to fully automated case sealing solutions - Gertex Solutions and BestPack have you covered!

Adjustable Case Sealers

Adjustable Manual

For budget-conscious or low-volume customers, adjustable manual sealers require an operator to manually fold flaps closed and adjust the tape head to seal boxes of different sizes.

Random Manual Case Sealer

Automatic Size Adjustment

Also referred to as "Random" case sealers, these machines automatically adjust to the size and height of each box as it passes under the tape head, allowing for faster sealing of different cases.

Random Automatic Case Sealer

Fully Automatic

Also referred to as "Random Automatic" case sealers, these machines adjust automatically to the size of the box and fold the box flaps closed as the case passes through the machine.


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gertex solutions packaging supplies

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