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Gertex Solutions offers Packaging Equipment and Machine services to ensure you stay ahead of the curve with skilled technicians and dedicated resources.  From installation and training to maintenance and replacing parts, we are there when you need us. With over 40 years of experience, our technicians will keep your end to end production lines up to speed and up and running.


Our Service Manager with over 40 years of experience in the packaging equipment industry will coordinate the install of the packaging machinery. The machine will be calibrated according to required needs/specifications before being brought to the distribution center. Once brought in, we will fine-tune and test the machine to ensure that it is working correctly. We will also make sure it has passed the CSA or regulatory requirements necessary for use.


The time it takes to train a machine operator to use the equipment is dependant on a number of factors and especially on the complexity of the machine. Typically, it can take up to a week to fully train operators.  Where an operation is dependent on multiple shifts, it can take longer. Automated equipment is typically quicker to learn – ie. the older the equipment, the steeper the learning curve.


1 to 2 weeks after training, we provide a follow-up visit to make sure things are running smoothly. We visit the distribution center to make sure you are using the machines correctly. We want the operators to use the machinery as effectively as possible in order to achieve the best results. 

Preventative Maintenance

Quarterly observation of packaging systems is recommended for both new and older machines. Often, smaller issues can lead to larger ones and routine maintenance is an effective way of preventing this. 

Common Issues

Most problems are not related to machine failures, but rather to process changes. The machine is created as simple as possible. However, set-ups and adjustments are usually required,.

• Moving parts are not operating smoothly
• Testing machine benchmarks
• Equipment slowdowns
Equipment/systems re-calibration
• Essential fluid changeovers 

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

Participating in regular maintenance check-ups can benefit for distribution center in various ways:

  • Enhanced safety
  • Longer product life
  • Decreased downtime & increased reliability
  • Consistent efficiency levels


Maintenance needs have lowered drastically as new automatic machines use less parts. Older machines would have mechanical systems that would move the shafts & bearings and pulleys. Today we have a motor connected to a shaft that drives each one of those components. Belts instead of chains. Smoother, quieter, and much more controlled. Servo driven – electrical machines.  

We provide an on-going maintenance program specifically tailored to older machines, as well as the newer more sophisticated machinery. Additionally, our after sales service is only a phone call away.

Replacement Parts

We stock and hold a wide variety of parts for all our packaging equipment lines. Having parts on hand allows for timely repairs and reduces lengthy weight times. If not in stock, we can get them within a 1 to 2 day period and we are able to get them done locally.

When a required part is not currently in stock we work closely with our equipment partners to receive one as quickly as possible. Our preferred partner status with equipment manufacturers means that we ship many standard production parts same day.

Sealing pads, teflon tape, seal blades, thermal couples, and belts. We source OEM parts on machines, our partner status relationships allow us to get same day replacements. 

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