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Custom Branded Packaging Tape

Take Branding into Your Own Hands with Custom Branded Packaging Tape

Reinforce your brand image wherever your product goes with Gertex custom printed tapes. Companies like Apple and Amazon realize that packaging is now part of the customer experience and now use custom-printed tapes to achieve this end. Professional-looking packaging instantly increases brand awareness and recognition.

Our minimum order quantity for new customers is five cases. Our minimums are one case for subsequent orders. We are able to print up to three different colours. Every additional ink colour is approximately 4% extra base cost. For 914m Machine tape, please contact us directly! 

Gertex Custom Branded Tape

Tape available in White or Clear

Roll Length
Order Quantity 66m 100m 132m
2" Poly Tape Size
Rolls Per Case 72 54 36
1-5 Cases $3.72 $5.18 $6.65
6-15 Cases $3.21 $4.47 $5.73
1/2 Skid Please Contact Us
Full Skid Please Contact Us
3" Poly Tape Size
Rolls Per Case 48 36 24
1-5 Cases $5.26 $7.46 $10.41
6-15 Cases $4.53 $6.43 $8.97
1/2 Skid Please Contact Us
Full Skid Please Contact Us

All custom printed tapes have a plate fee charge. Every additional colour requires an additional plate.

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Brand Awareness

Make your shipments stand out from the crowd. With printed tape, your brand is visible from when the carton leaves your site until it reaches the end-user, ultimately increasing brand exposure while in transit.

Visibility and Identification

While in transit, printed tape can carry messages like "Fragile" and "Keep Refrigerated" to help ensure proper handling and storage. In storage, printed tape can identify goods as "Quarantine," "Hold," etc.

Cost Effective

Using printed tape for branding can reduce the need to stock and store printed cartons. Plain cartons can be purchased in smaller quantities and are less expensive.


Printed tapes can be an effective anti-tamper measure. Using a printed security seal, it is easy to identify tape that is broken or resealed.

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