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What can Automation do for your bottom line? A lot. Automating your packaging maximizes productivity while minimizing down-time and total operating expenses.

Spending money on packaging equipment is well worth the cost when you consider the long-term savings and benefits to your workflow. Even though it requires an investment upfront, many businesses find that the machines quickly pay for themselves.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from the installation and implementation of packaging machines in your warehouse: The term “packaging automation” refers to any process that enables product packaging with little to no human involvement. Equipment can be installed directly on the warehouse or factory floor to create a system that improves packaging efficiency and speed, while simultaneously reducing labour costs.


Why Automation is Worth the Investment

Advantages to Automating Equipment, Systems and Processes

Improve Workflow  Automation creates efficient and linear packaging systems.

Reduce Labour Costs  Automation minimizes the need for manual effort. 

Maximize Output – Automated packaging systems are typically faster and more accurate.

Meet Customer Demand – Automation allows you to scale up or down to meet customer demand.

Capacity for Scale – As your business grows, it is essential that you have sustainable systems with the capacity to grow as demand increases.

Productivity – Your employee’s productivity is limited based on the quality of available tools and equipment.

Packaging Flexibility – Many automated packaging setups can accommodate a range of packaging sizes, making it easy to switch quickly from one type or size of package to another.

Accuracy & Consistency – Package systemization improves accuracy and leads to a consistent level of quality being output and more sustainable.

The Trend Towards Automation

BestPack Automatic Case Sealer

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One Sized Packaging Automation Solutions Do Not Fit All

When it comes to machine automation, it is important to understand that it is not a one-size-fits-all application. Every business has specific requirements, which is why the machinery needs to be customized for each company.

If you are ready to invest in packaging automation, then the best thing you can do is talk to a provider about your unique needs. Our team will ask the right questions, evaluate areas of opportunity, and design a customized solution that is tailored to improve your overall business systems. We offer the hands-on approach you need to ensure an optimal outcome. You can have confidence knowing that your investment will be well worth the cost because of the upside potential of system improvements and productivity in the workplace.

At Gertex Solutions, we provide the personalized solutions you need to improve your packaging systems. Whether you are looking for a packaging supplier, or you’d like to invest in a full system for packaging automation, we are here to help. Reach out to our team to discuss the various packaging solutions so we can help with your shipping systems. You are invited to contact us to book a complimentary assessment.

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Thinking of Making the Switch to Automation?

Smart manufacturing has made it possible to leverage technology in ways we’ve never seen before. For example, real-time diagnostics are helpful for minimizing downtime and ensuring the optimal performance of the equipment.

It is also critical that safety features are built into your system. Not only do you need to protect the safety of employees to reduce the risk of injury in the workplace. But it’s also important to minimize potential damage to the products due to equipment malfunction.

Finally, consider the ease of integration in your workplace. While employees need to be trained on proper use and application, there is no need to bring in a complicated system that causes confusion among employees.

Top-notch technology is designed to adjust to your evolving business requirements, giving you the tools to maintain your competitive edge without the need to invest in new systems over and over again. Bring in the right equipment in the first place, which will give you the ongoing ability to streamline and adjust in-house processes as needed.

We can help with: Equipment Placement, Training, Installation & Upgrades, and Maintenance.

Sealed Air Void Fill Gertex Solutions

Things to Consider

Reduced Labour Costs  Packaging automation can reduce the overall number of employees required in your operation by completing the task at hand in the most efficient and optimal way.

Return on Investment – Typically, by calculating the ROI on automated system, businesses find the machines pay for themselves quite quickly.

Increased Throughput  Output must be considered in the ROI of automated system. Automation can alleviate seen and unseen bottlenecks in the packaging process. 

Competitive Advantage – Rather than packaging being a frustration in your business, viewed in terms of a 'competitive advantage' it is easy to visualize how important adoption is.

Types of Packaging Automation Equipment

Automated Shrink Wrapper Equipment & Machines

SMIPACK offers a complete range of models to suit every packaging demand. SMIPACK Shrink Wrapper Machines are electric, and therefore output very little noise while running.

New Equipment

Used Equipment

Rentals & Leases

Maintenance & Repair

Buy-Back Programs

Excellent High Performance

Very Little Noise

Fully Electric


Automated Stretch Wrap Equipment

Gertex is proud to partner with Wulftec to offer our customers a full line of automatic and semi-automatic stretch wrappersThey are a leading North American manufacturer and supplier of pallet wrappers. Wulftec offers a variety of products that offer high-speed operation and consistent machine strength to best meet the needs of the user

New Equipment

Used Equipment

Rentals & Leases

Maintenance & Repair

Buy-Back Programs

High Speed Operations – consistent machine speed to best meet the needs of the user

Full Line of Automatic & Semi Automatic Machines – This Leading Manufacture manufactures a vast line of rotary arm, full-line and turntable style stretch wrapper solutions.

Wulftec WRT 100

Shanklin machine

Automated Shrink Film Equipment

Simple, reliable, and hard-working, high-performance Shanklin shrink tunnels are built to last, engineered to perform, and priced for optimum value.

New Equipment

Used Equipment

Rentals & Leases

Maintenance & Repair

Buy-Back Programs

Excellent High Performance

Advanced temperature control

Versatile standard features 

Superior shrink capabilities 

Automated Case Erecting and Sealing Equipment

Amazon accounts for approximately 8% of all corrugated use in North America. That is an astounding percentage if you consider all of the boxes used for food, beer, alcohol, clothing, etc.

New Equipment

Used Equipment

Rentals & Leases

Maintenance & Repair

Buy-Back Programs

Semi Automatic Solutions

Fully Automatic Solutions

BestPack Case Sealers

The CSX series from BestPack is a fully automatic case sealer. Click here for more information on automatic case sealers.

SealedAir Products from Gertex Solutions

Sealed Air Air Pillow Equipment

Automated Sealed Air Inflatable Air Pillow Equipment

SEALED AIR® air pillow systems are fast, reliable, and produce air pillow packaging to fill any size void.

New Equipment

Used Equipment

Rentals & Leases

Maintenance & Repair

Buy-Back Programs

Excellent High Performance


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