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Edgeboard Cornerboard Protectors

Keep Your Pallet Corners Safe and Secure!

Edgeboard corner protectors, also know as angle board, is an essential protection tool for any warehouse, factory, or retail operation. These edgeboard protectors are designed to protect pallet edges from damage caused by handling and transport.

They are constructed of high-quality, heavy-duty kraft paperboard with an inner layer of corrugated cardboard for added strength and rigidity. The edgeboard is die-cut to wrap around the pallet corners to provide a snug and secure fit. The edges are rounded to reduce sharp edges and prevent cuts and scratches. These protectors are available in various sizes and colors to fit any pallet size, and they can be printed with custom logos or other information. For added convenience, they are easy to assemble and store.

Why Use Cornerboard?

Benefits of using Corner Board to create the perfect pallet for shipment.

1. Increased protection
Cornerboard provides an extra layer of protection to the pallet and its contents, reducing the risk of damage during transit.

2. Improved stacking stability:
The cornerboard fits snugly against the corners of the pallet, providing additional stability and preventing shifting.

3. Cost savings:
By using cornerboard, shippers can reduce their reliance on expensive packaging materials such as bubble wrap or foam.

4. Enhanced branding:
Cornerboard can be printed with logos, company information or other branding cues, allowing companies to convey their brand message to customers.

5. Environmentally friendly
Cornerboard is a recyclable, reusable material that reduces the amount of packaging waste generated.

Cornerboard Pallet / Skid Applications 

Choosing the right corner board protectors

The perfect pallet can save money, time and effort.  We know first-hand how different company requirements are, and have designed the right packagi.


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