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Shipping Simulation Testing

Gertex Solutions has specialised testing equipment that can simulate the conditions a pallet goes through during transport. The new FROMM Transport Simulator enables to do in-house testing on load stabilisation and stress on load in transit.

Essentially the Gertex Transport Simulator replicates the forces a pallet will face during transit using sustained tilt testing. Loads with friction need to be titled to 38.5 degrees to replicate 0.8G force or 80% of the weight of the load in a forward braking situation to meet the guidelines

The effects of these tests are monitored and recorded using a laser profile scanner. The load is scanned before and after the tilt to record and quantify the effect of the forces. The information is recorded and data is provided in a report format and shared with the customer.

The Transport Simulator testing means you can scientifically apply the right amount of packaging materials (wrap or strap) to contain the load during transport.

What we look for during shipment testing

Reducing Supply Costs  We review your pricing and products to ensure 

Increased Packaging Efficiency – We look for areas in which we can 

Reducing Waste  By optimizing your packaging products and processes, 

Increasing Productivity – We look to create packaging systems that are 

Our team has consulted on hundreds of varying packaging projects ranging from sustainable packaging solutions, to solving packaging automation, and from these projects we have become efficient at quickly assessing the needs of a company and suggesting effective. We look at efficiency growers such as, automation, stock & release and product sourcing, to discover unseen value in your warehouse.

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