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Pallet Dispenser

Product Description

The pallet dispenser provides automatic dispensing of empty pallets onto pallet handling conveyors or directly onto the floor. 


  • Eliminates manual handling of pallets 
  • Reduces wasted space occupied by short pallet stacks
  • Reduces pallet damage caused by careless handling 
  • Pallet magazine replenished with forklift – time savings


  • Key Specs

  • Details

Key Specs

  • Stores up to 15 40" x 48" pallets (other dimension available)
  • Dispenses the pallet in "easy mode" (narrow side leading)
  • Presents one pallet at a time on demand to the work area
  • Load empty pallets from outside the work cell without interrupting operation
  • Low-Level detection
  • To be installed over or beside existing conveyor or can be supplied with It's own conveyor
  • Pallet loading configurations:
  • Right hand
  • Left hand
  • Pallet traffic photoeyes will be present to determine if an empty pallet is required or not
  • Requires 230VAC / 3A / 60Hz
  • Air pressure 3CFM @ 80PSI