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Shuttle Conveyor

Product Description

The shuttle conveyor is moved forward or backward on a rail to carry the load from different loading / discharging points on two or more conveyor lines.


  • Key Specs

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Key Specs

  • Specifications
    • Multiple positions shuttle conveyor with fwd / rev including
    • Customized mast to connect with festoon system
    • "V" shaped driving wheels to run on flat bar, allowing low forklift traffic without pit mounting
    • Automatically moved
    • Festoon cabling system including 40' of c-rail track system and flat cable, 58' of cable extension from the main enclosure to the trolley home position with quick disconnect and junction box*
    • Shuttle speed up to 120 FPM
    • Powered roller conveyor moving at 30 FPM (other speeds available)
    • Actual stopping positions will be determined by customers. The photo eye on shuttle will stop on reflectors placed accordingly.
  • Delivery: 8 to 10 weeks
  • Warranty: 1 year