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VarioMaster 9490

VM9490 Resized

Product Description

Engineered with versatility and reliability in mind, the VarioMaster 9490 is a high performance automatic horizontal strapper designed to strap horizontal pallets and single layers. Featuring sturdy construction, low maintenance, easy operating, simple installation, strap positioning device, spring loaded strapping arch with safety shutdown and is chain driven. The VarioMaster 9490 is easily integrated into existing production lines to create a seamless packaging system.


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Key Specs

  • Production Rate: 100 loads per hour
  • 59 " L x 139 " W x 169 " H
  • Maximum Load Size: Horizontal arch size to allow max load size of 50” wide x 50” long and 80” high
  • Load Weight: Maximum load weight limited to conveyor capacity
  • Approximate Shipping Weight: 5000 lbs
  • Electrical Requirements: 460 V / 3 ph / 60 Hz 15 A