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Wulftec WCRT 200

Product Description

The WCRT-200 conveyorized fully automatic rotary arm high-speed stretch wrapping system.

Wulftec's automatic stretch wrappers maximize throughput and efficiency. They take care of everything; you only change the roll of film. An automatic stretch wrapper will save significant time and money.

The WCRT-200 can keep up with even the most demanding production rates. It can wrap almost anything. It is ideal for wrapping very light, very heavy, tall or unstable loads and also great in wash-down and dusty applications.


  • Key Specs

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Key Specs

  • Production rate: 100 loads per hour
  • 17 RPM variable speed (up to 35 RPM)
  • 5000 and 6000 lbs weight capacity increments
  • Maximum Load Size: 48" (L) x 48" (W) x 80" (H)
  • 1 HP 230VAC Motor & AC variable frequency drive
  • Machine dimensions: 138" (L) x 148" (W) x 140" (H)
  • Electrical Requirements: 230 V / 3 ph / 60 Hz 20 A
  • Pneumatic Requirements: 3 cfm @ 80 psi
  • Wide selection of options for customizability